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Public Assistance FAQ's

Where are you located?

The Guernsey County Department of Job & Family Services building is located in Cambridge, Ohio. It houses:

Public Assistance, 324 Highland Avenue

Child Support Enforcement Agency, 324 Highland Avenue

OhioMeansJobs - Guernsey County, 324 Highland Avenue

What are your hours of operation?

All departments observe the same office hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Upon request, appointments can be made outside of these office hours.

Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-in applications for food assistance, cash assistance and Medicaid are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  A caseworker will contact you within 10 days of submitting your application for assistance.  Reapplications are completed by appointments, either in person at our agency or over the phone.

When can I expect a return phone call, if I leave a message?

Please be patient Guernsey County JFS has been experiencing record caseloads due to the struggling economy. We will make every effort to return phone calls within 24 hours. We suggest that you search our new website FAQ’s section for answers to general questions and to get answers when our offices are closed. Case changes are processed within 10 days of receipt of change. Clients can help speed up the process by accessing Report Changes and Forms and take the required steps to complete verifications necessary to process the case.

Who do I need to call to report neglect or abuse when the office is not open?

Even after the office closes its doors at 4:00pm, we continue to provide a  service for the county. You can call 855-OHIO-APS to report elder abuse and/or neglect.  More information about abuse and neglect is  available on our website in the Adult Protective Services section.

I just had my baby. What do I need to provide?

For your baby to be added to the household: provide correct spelling of baby’s entire name, father’s entire name along with date and city of baby’s birth.

Newborn’s required verifications may include:

Citizenship: original Birth Certificate; Hospital record with baby’s footprints

SSN: SS-5 application or Social Security Card

Identification: original shot record

If absent parent has moved into the household, provide:

Citizenship: original Birth Certificate

SSN: Social Security Card

Identification: photo ID

Income: Wages, self employment, SSI, SS, UC, etc.

Food Assistance FAQ's

Are there any online applications that I can fill out at home?

The State of Ohio Department of Job & Family Services has a new web-based tool that allows Ohioans to apply for food assistance, cash assistance and Medicaid online, by simply logging onto Online Benefit Application. This tool can also be used to update case information. Visit Forms and Links in the About Us section on this website.

Can I check my food assistance accounts online?

Yes, click on Ohio Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) – The Ohio Direction Card

How long will it take to get a new EBT replacement card?

It usually takes 7-10 calendar days to receive a new or replacement card. Cards are sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

How do I request an EBT replacement card that has been lost, stolen or damaged?

For an EBT card, contact customer service at 1-866-386-3071 or visit The Ohio Direction Card website.

1. Push 1 for English

2. Recording asks for your 16-digit card number

3. STAY ON THE LINE and wait for further options

4. Recording asks AGAIN for your 16-digit card number

5. PRESS: 1 to re-enter number

2 to enter by speech

3 to enter pin and SSN to access your information

4 to report lost, stolen or damaged card and speak to a customer service representative

How long after applying will I receive benefits?

Please be patient -- Guernsey County JFS has been experiencing record caseloads due to the struggling economy. The agency is making every effort to process all casework within the 30 days allowed under Ohio law. If it has not been 30 days since your application or interview, please remain patient and contact us once that deadline has passed. Remember, benefits are retroactive to date of application.

How long can I receive food assistance?

As long as your income falls within the guidelines and you abide by the food assistance program rules and regulations, there are no time limits on receiving food assistance. Reapplication is usually once every 12 months.

How is my monthly income calculated?

  • Bi-weekly pay: average gross amount of last four to six pays and multiply by 2.15 pays per month.
  • Weekly pay: average gross amount of last four to six pays and multiply by 4.3 pays per month.
  • Twice monthly pay: average the gross amount of last 4 to six pays and multiply by 2.

When will my food assistance load on my EBT card?

Food Assistance load date is based on the last digit of your case number and will be loaded onto your card on a regularly assigned date sometime between the 1st and the 20th of the month.

Did you get my verifications?

The agency receives a lot of verifications daily and has a process to file and route to the appropriate person.

How will I know if I was approved and how much my family will receive?

You will receive a letter in the mail regarding the outcome.

When is my benefits re-determination appointment?

Most benefits have an annual reapplication process.

Who is my caseworker?

Guernsey JFS doesn’t assign caseworkers to specific cases. You have a whole team of caseworkers to assist you through intake, reapplication and changes.
Medicaid FAQ's

I lost my Ohio Medicaid card & need a new one for a doctor’s appt. How can I receive a new card?

Guernsey County Job and Family Services is NOT able to issue any replacement Medicaid Managed Care cards, written verification or billing numbers to customers who are on a Managed Care Plan. Contact your provider to request a new card.   

If you are in your first month of receiving Medicaid or had a break in coverage, you may be on traditional Medicaid (“Fee for Service”) coverage for a brief period of time. In this situation, you should contact GCJFS Call Center to request a replacement card at 740-432-2381. Replacement cards will take 5 to 7 business days to arrive. If you have an emergency, the Call Center can provide your doctor with your billing number and verify eligibility.

*Please note: All consumers who are Medicaid eligible are required to select a Managed Care Plan within the first 60 days of being eligible for Medicaid. Please visit Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Center or call 1-800-605-3040 to discuss in detail the Medicaid Managed Care Plans.

Why is someone I know eligible for assistance when I'm not? Why is someone receiving more benefits?

The same eligibility rules and guidelines apply to everyone applying for and receiving assistance in the state of Ohio. It is important to understand that everyone’s situation is different and despite the fact that you may both seem to be in the same position, there are factors that affect eligibility that you may not be aware of which affect the amount of assistance you are eligible to receive.

If you suspect that someone is improperly or fraudulently receiving assistance, you are encouraged to report this information to the agency for a follow-up investigation. You can make a fraud referral online.

Why can’t I get my prescriptions?

This is probably due to the pharmacy computer system showing that you have third party medical insurance. Provide verification of the date that this insurance ended and we will contact Third Party Medical in Columbus to get it corrected. Another reason is that you are on a Medicaid Spend Down or you are on a Medicaid Spend Down and have Medicare Part D, which covers prescriptions.

How do I apply for Passport?

Complete a waiver application (JFS 2399) along with an application for Medicaid (JFS 7200). If your are already on Medicaid – no interview is required. If not on Medicaid, you will be scheduled an intake appointment with a nursing home/waiver worker.
Cash Assistance FAQ's

Is there a website where clients can check their cash assistance accounts?

Yes click on Ohio EPPICard.

How do I request a replacement EPPICard that has been lost, stolen or damaged?

For an EPPIC card, contact customer service at 1-866-320-8822 or visit Ohio EPPICard website.

1. Push 1 for English

2. Recording asks for your 16-digit card number

3. STAY ON THE LINE and wait for further options

4. Recording asks AGAIN for your 16-digit card number

5. PRESS: 1 to re-enter number

2 to enter SSN. Date of Birth & PIN

3 to get status of previously ordered card

4 to report lost, stolen or damaged card

6. Follow the prompts

Do I have to participate in work activity to receive cash assistance?

Yes. Everyone receiving Ohio works First (OWF) cash assistance must sign a Self Sufficiency Contract (SSC) and work plan. Your contract and work plan is a road map to help you become self sufficient so you will not need cash assistance. Work and activity assignments are based on individual circumstances.

How long will it take before I receive cash assistance after I apply?

Please be patient -- Guernsey County JFS has been experiencing record caseloads due to the struggling economy. The agency is making every effort to process all casework within the 30 days allowed under Ohio law. If it has not been 30 days since your application or interview, please remain patient and contact us once that deadline has passed. Remember, benefits are retroactive to date of application.
Cash assistance benefits are issued by the State of Ohio around the first calendar day of each month, however, depending on holidays and other processing timeframes these benefits will not always be issued on the 1st. According to the state, these benefits are not considered “late” until the tenth day of the month.

Can you help me go to college, get a job, or help me with my resume?

A Jobs Plus caseworker can help you with these specific goals. While we can’t guarantee that the agency can accomplish this, we will provide you with the best service possible. You can find more information by visiting Job Seeker Services on our website.

What is PRC?

PRC (Prevention, Retention, Contingency) is a program designed to provide short-term relief to low-income families through assistance with non-recurring, crisis-oriented benefits.

How do I apply for PRC?

  1. Fill out a PRC application.
  2. Your application will be processed in the order it was received by the agency. It can take up to 30 days to process applications. We make every effort to begin processing PRC applications within 3 days. 
  3. You will receive a letter after the application has been processed stating whether the application has been approved or denied.
  4. If your application is approved, a pledge of payment will be made to the person or company the bill is owed on the approved bills.

What are the general requirements for PRC?

  • Households must have minor children residing in the household or have a household member who is pregnant to qualify for PRC assistance.
  • Any household member who has a sanction, must sign compliance and serve the sanction period before eligible for PRC.
  • All overpayments must be paid in full before the application will be processed.
  • All applicants must complete a PRC application and supply all necessary documentation before the application will be processed.
  • In general total gross household income must be below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline (see specific PRC categories on the PRC page for specific income guidelines).
  • Applications will only be held for 30 days. If requirements have not been met within 30 days, applications will be denied.
  • Households must be able to show ability to handle on-going expenses.
  • No household members can have been in a household that has received PRC during the timeframe requirements for specific type of PRC requested.
  • For category specific requirements, go to the PRC page and download the "Required Verifications Checklist" for the specific category of PRC you are interested in applying for.

What can PRC help with?

Housing expenses

Maximum of $1000.00 per 12 consecutive month period can be utilized on the following homeowner, tenant, or utility services:
• Natural gas
• Propane gas
• Electric service
• Coal/wood
• Heating fuel oil/kerosene
• Trash removal service – property cleanup – not normal weekly pickup services
• Water/sewer service
• Telephone service – basic local services only – applicant must demonstrate the need and extenuating circumstances – there must be no other community resources available
• Home mortgage (maximum of $2000.00)
• Homeowner insurance
• Real Estate Taxes – must be residing in the home. Court action for foreclosure required.
• Utility bill –disconnect notice required- address must be applicant’s place of residence, be incurred during period of residence and applicant must be responsible to pay the utility.
• Rent or lease for housing/sec.deposit rent only
• Other utilities or related service charge – never includes cable

Work related expenses

Employment related expenses including testing fees, work related uniforms, interview attire, work boots/shoes for individuals who are registered job seekers with Ohio Means Job Guernsey or FAET/OWF work required.

Automobile Repair - $500.00 cap

1. 3 vehicle written estimates must be received;
2. Must select from county W9 list;
3. Work must be warranted for 30 days;
4. Applicant must be working at least 20 hours a week or actively participating in a required work activity through OhioMeansJobs Guernsey County/Job & Family Services;
5. Repair must not exceed Bluebook value of vehicle;
6. Current motor vehicle insurance/proof of liability insurance, and current and valid driver’s license must be provided by applicant;
7. Verification of employment may be requested.

Other items PRC may be used for:
Car Seats
Bed Bug Extermination
Intensive Probation Services
Other requests that fit within the purposes of the PRC program and fall within the guidelines of Guernsey County’s PRC plan

How long is the PRC application process?

Applications will be processed and approved/denied within 10 days of receiving all required documentation.
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